show the history

We have virtually rebuilt models of
the Viking-castle Trelleborg
Alling Kloster

Walk around the impressive facility and experience 3D animated stories.


3D models

Buildings, ships, palisades and much more. You can also meet animated people and animals.


Exciting stories related to different sections of the exhibition. Not a simple audio guide but a 360-degree experience.

Our mobile app provides new opportunities to communicate historical information.

  • Be drawn into an exciting 360-degree world
  • 3D model in correct relative ratios
  • Storytelling
  • Works indoor and outdoor

How does it work?

Download the app on your phone.

Available for both Android and iOS.

The phone must support AR.

Experience Trelleborg at the location or “Virtual” on a large open area.

Walk around and experience the buildings.

Find the various info spots on the mini map and listen to exciting stories.

Uses GPS and AR kits.


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