the pirates

If you have a pirate-ship-playground the children can interact with QR-codes on the ship. This opens a string of exciting missions for the children like

- Explore the ship
- Sail the ship
- Catch rats
- Memory Play
- Fight with cannons


Physical dimension

We use the many details in and around the ship by placing a series of stainless steel signs with QR codes.

Digital dimension

Based on the QR codes, we enrich the physical world with several games and missions, both for individual use and as team games.

It will also be possible to monitor the use of the playground

  • the children stay longer
  • the children come more often
  • motivates older children to visit the playground
  • constantly new games can be introduced without physical changes
  • brings new life to the existing playground

How does it work?

A number of QR-codes with sign are mounted by the ship.

The children download the app.

The missions can start either individually or in groups.

New missions can be unlocked when needed.

The children are motivated to come back to finish missions.

The children can earn points when playing.

The children can interact with other children (competeā€¦).


Our hybrid playground costs:

1 year: DKK 2,500 per month

2 years: DKK 2,250 per month

3 years: DKK 2,000 per month