the cyber attack

The Cyber Attack is a unique opportunity to create awareness about cyber security in your organisation.

The plot is based on the participants having to undergo a cyber attack in the company SAPING. During the training, the team must carry out a number of activities and make a number of choices with far-reaching consequences.














The team arrives at work and has to go to the morning briefing. There have been a number of incidents over the weekend that need to be investigated. One of these turns out to have major consequences.

The task for the team is now to shut down all IT systems and activate the Command center. The team must then collect material that can support a joint decision on how to re-establish production.

The participants are faced with a series of dilemmas to which they must find a joint solution. This plot has several variations on a solution, which is why not all teams will solve the task in the same way.

The Cyber Attack raises awareness in your company about current issues with digital threats and at the same time brings the organization together across borders and languages.

The participants fill in a survey about cyber security which can be downloaded after the training.

The Cyber Attack consists of the following phases

  • behavioral profile
  • avatar
  • discover
  • shutdown
  • collect information
  • make a decision
  • execute
  • survey

How does it work?

Online multiplayer in a browser.

Can be done in 90-120 minutes.

Can be carried out physically or virtually.

Can be carried out from 4 to 100+ people.

Facilitator has 100% flexibility and control over implementation.



The price is EUR 1'500 plus VAT for training of facilitator and license for 25 participants,

then EUR 30 per participant.

Licenses can be used 100% as needed and have no expiration date.

when ordering

Contact person receives e-mail with access to a web portal. The planning of the training is handled here.

Facilitator receives e-mail with instructions, link and a list of results.

Participants will receive an email with instructions and a link.