This platform combines learning, collaboration, and movement through gamification. It consists of a web part and an app. It works like a combination of Kahoot and physical activity with a twist of Pokémon-go.



Users can log in and view their own results via a browser, create tasks and make Augmented Reality games for the phone.


The user can choose between several standard games or games from the teacher. Games can be played alone or in teams which then compete against each other.

Think if you could make your students look forward to their examinations?

The teacher takes the students to an outdoor area. Students are divided into teams of 3-5 players with 2 roles: wisdom-players and power-players. The team runs to the first tower and tries to conquer it by answering questions (wisdom-players) and simultaneously defending the tower (power-players). When the tower is conquered (or time is up) roles change and the team runs to the next tower. The teacher can subsequently evaluate the team-scores.

We have 120 ready-made “adventures” with more than 12’500 questions within history, geography, biology, mathematics, UN’s sustainability goals etc.

You can also create your own questions with special topics for the students. Or why not create it together with the students as a Team training?

  • curiosity
  • collaboration
  • competitiveness
  • complex thinking
  • exploration
  • discovery
  • role-playing
  • self-expression
  • interaction

How does it work?

You need a playground large enough for the whole class.

Each student needs a phone.

Download the app.

Create a user.

Choose a game that suits the subject.

Create one or more teams.

Start the “fight”.

Get the result.


Contact Skoletube to get a licence