play the history

This app has stories and games for

Vikinge Kongernes Jelling
H.C Andersens Museum



Choose your Avatar and move through the story.

You will be guided through a series of small stories at various GPS locations in the area.

Sometimes you must listen, act or fight.


Use your knowledge from the museum and answer a series of quizzes either alone or with your friends and family.

You can also compete with other teams.

Our app provides new opportunities to communicate historical information through games and movement.

The visitors simply use their phone to play.

  • available for Android & iOS
  • works outdoor and indoor
  • uses GPS
  • get historical information through games
  • be drawn into an Augmented Reality tale.

How does it work?

Download the app on your phone

Create a user

Select an Avatar

Play alone or with friends / family

Create one or more teams

Compete with multiple teams

Power: You must act or fight

Wisdom: You must answer quizzes

See the winners

Ranking list


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